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We are CE Certified to Execution Class 3
You can download our certificate here

From 1st July 2013 the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) makes CE Marking mandatory in all European Union member states, including the Republic of Ireland, for all construction products that are permanently incorporated in to a building or civil engineering works and are covered by either a harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment that is in force. The CPR also makes it clear that CE Marking has implications for the supply chain and places legal obligations on the construction supply chain including ‘manufacturers’, ‘importers’ and ‘distributors’ of construction products.

By using the CE Mark on our building products we are declaring that, as a manufacturer, our products and all the components and materials used, conform to all the EU safety and environmental legal requirements to be sold throughout the EEA.

For the customer, this means we can trace all our raw materials back to source and guarantee that they meet the required level of quality. Most importantly though, it means every structure we design, manufacture and install not only achieves this overall level of quality but we can also guarantee the highest level of safety.